What makes a good author?

Truman Capote is one of my favorite writers. Capote rose above a childhood troubled by divorce, a long absence from his mother, and multiple migrations. He had discovered his calling as a writer by the age of 8. For the rest of his childhood he honed his writing ability. Capote began his professional career writing short stories. Capote earned the most fame with In Cold Blood, a journalistic work about the  murder of a Kansas farm family in their home. Capote spent four years writing the book aided by his lifelong friend Harper Lee, who wrote  To Kill a Mockingbird (1960). 

My personal favorite, a quote from “In Cold Blood”

“The day before the Clutter family’s funeral, Susan, and Bobby agree to go to Garden City in order to “see Nancy.” They go to the funeral home and are shocked to see the Clutters dressed in their formal clothes with each of their heads “completely encased in cotton, a swollen cocoon…[that], because it had been sprayed with a glossy substance, twinkled like Christmas-tree snow.”

This in my opinion what makes a good, no… great writer is a detailed description that a reader can see in their mind or related too.


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