I’m not a Professional Blogger

photo of me


I’m not a professional blogger so I am learning and trying my best to know what folks want to hear about.

A little bit about me. I love those rock garden waterfalls I see in backyards. YouTube has videos I watch but it looks like tough work. I think I could do it however, I would have to take a lot of Extra strength Tylenol to get through it.

I write in between times my 17-month-old granddaughter is napping (one of them). I take care of her while her parents are at work. I husband is good at putting up with me, with my head in the computer at night, while I writing after I get home. I guess you could call him a writer’s widow.

We have moved around somewhat. Phoenix and Florida, however, right now we are back in our hometown of, Overland Park, Kansas. I have to say Phoenix was my favorite. Mountains in the background and palm trees everywhere. Problem is too Hot in the summer. If it’s been 106 degrees for several days and then it drops to 99 degrees, it’s pleasant. It’s funny what a person can get used to.

My husband and I have three adult boy’s and they are all having baby girls. We have three granddaughters. They’re four, 20 months and 17 months.

Oh, one last thing before I bore you too much longer, our black and white 17-month-old cat’s name is Little Jimmie Dickens. Named after a 1940’s country singer who stood five foot and wore knee-high cowboy boots. We adopted Little Jimmie when he was six weeks old weighing only ¾ pounds.

Winter is coming so I hope to get a couple of more books out. I write ebooks for Kindle-short stories. I write the murder mystery, thriller children’s books, and inspirational books.

My husband sleeps with one eye open.



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